Josh Thompson Brings Traditional Country Swagger to Grand Ole Opry


Josh Thompson’s hard-edged take on traditional country has earned him a solid fanbase since he broke into the charts with “Beer on the Table” back in 2009.

In 2013, Thompson dropped “Cold Beer with Your Name on It”, which earned him a spot back on the country charts, but internal issues with his label prevented his music from getting the exposure it truly deserved. After dealing with a few years of being bounced back and forth between labels, Thompson opted to go independent for his latest album.

Change: The Lost Record, Vol. 1. is set for released Oct. 9 and features Thompson’s latest single, “Same Ol’ Plain Ol’ Me”. The track is an unapologetic anthem that could’ve been written back in the glory days of Jones, Cash and Haggard.

“It’s a classic country song,” Thompson told Rolling Stone Country. “It has that old traditional ‘Workingman Blues’ feel. It’s about, it doesn’t matter what you dress up like, it’s still going to be me; and making no apologies for who I am.”

The genuine sentiment that shines through each line makes this track a true winner and suggests more promising material to come from Thompson’s new release. Until then, check out Josh Thompson’s live debut performance (above) of “Same Ol’ Plain Ol’ Me” at the Grand Ole Opry earlier in September.

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Josh Thompson Brings Traditional Country Swagger to Grand Ole Opry