Josh Nolan Kind Heart to Follow
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Album Premiere: Josh Nolan's 'Kind Heart to Follow'

Even if you haven't heard Americana rocker Josh Nolan yet, there's a good chance your favorite artists have. Fellow Kentuckian Tyler Childers mentions Nolan in the liner notes of his breakout 2017 album Purgatory. Nolan is also a member of rising Kentucky singer-songwriter Senora May's backing band.

Now, with his sophomore album Kind Heart to Follow (out on May 17), Nolan is stepping into the spotlight with his striking lyrics and cosmic road anthems.

Nolan says growing up surrounded by a multitude of talented dreamers and risk takers in his home state of Kentucky shaped his vision for the album.

"Being an artist from Eastern Kentucky, I always feel an immense pressure to create something that is an accurate representation of the region," Nolan tells Wide Open Country. "As Kind Heart to Follow began to take its form, I realized it was less of an illustration of my surroundings and more of an indication; a product of the rich culture in which I was raised. Individuality and expressiveness run wild around these hills."

Listen to Kind Heart to Follow in its entirety below.

Kind Heart to Follow is the follow-up to Nolan's 2014 debut album Fair City Lights.

For more information on Josh Nolan, visit his official website.

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