Josh Abbott Band Debut Music Video for ‘Wasn’t That Drunk’

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For the better part of a decade, the Josh Abbott Band have been one of the top Texas country acts, but with the release of their ambitious new record, Front Row Seat, they’re starting to cross over into the national spotlight. Their new single, “Wasn’t That Drunk,” featuring Kentucky-native Carly Pearce, encapsulates the polished, mainstream-ready new direction of the band.

On Thursday the group debuted a thematic music video for the single. Set in a high-rise apartment during a New Year’s Eve party, the video tells the song’s story of two friends who reflect on their secret passion for one another after a late-nigh hookup. The song has a distinctly modern vibe, which is reflected in the setting and tones of the music video.

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I spoke with Josh Abbott Band last month about how their music has evolved. “When you listen to Wasn’t That Drunk, you hear hints of a Texas band an emphasis on the fiddle, and some of the production ideas are a little bit different, but overall you just hear a really great sounding song, and I think sometimes that should just win.”

Look for the Josh Abbott Band’s on Jimmy Kimmel Live on May 31.

In the meantime, see what the Josh Abbott Band is really like in person in this video we filmed with them at the Austin Rodeo in March.

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Josh Abbott Band Debut Music Video for ‘Wasn’t That Drunk’