Texans Josh Abbott Band Make National TV Debut on ‘Kimmel’

Texas favorites Josh Abbott Band are beginning to make their transition into the wider national spotlight.

On May 31, the band took the stage at “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to make their national television debut. Joined by singer Carly Pearce, the guys performed their new single, “Wasn’t That Drunk.”

It’s been a long time coming for these guys, and its great to see them reach a wider audience, both on television and online.

The band’s latest release, Front Row Seat, is an ambitious concept album that features a distinct new sound. Once known strictly for their Texas anthems, the band is starting to explore new musical styles and concepts that are stretching their creativity.

“When you listen to Wasn’t That Drunk, you hear hints of a Texas band an emphasis on the fiddle, and some of the production ideas are a little bit different,” Abbott told us earlier this year backstage at the Austin Rode. “But overall you just hear a really great sounding song, and I think sometimes that should just win.”

You can hear more from our interview, and get to know each of the guys in the band in the video below.

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Texans Josh Abbott Band Make National TV Debut on ‘Kimmel’