Josh Abbott Band Explores Lost Love in New Album, 'Front Row Seat'

Josh Abbott Band takes a reflective ride through the past in their new album, Front Row Seat, which dropped today, Nov. 4.

The Texas country band's fourth full-length release takes listeners through the highs and lows of Abbott's relationship with his ex-wife. The incredibly honest and intimate concept album explores the entirety of the failed relationship, from its bright beginnings to its eventual demise.

After the modest success of their single "Hangin' Around" in 2014, Abbott knew he needed to channel his emotions from his struggles with alcohol addiction and on-going divorce into his music. This led Abbott to take on the idea of a concept album, the kind of project that is no easy task to complete. Thanks to years of experience, pure talent and his need to unpack the emotional baggage he was struggling to carry, Abbott created one of the best releases of the year.


From the flirtatious "Wasn't That Drunk," to the regretful lead single "Amnesia," Abbott earnestly hits on every emotion that develops from love and loss. The album, which is divided into five acts, features a more intense and evolved sound than any of the band's previous releases.

This evolution and artistic freedom came in part from the band's separation from Atlantic Records this year. Still, most of the magic that's intertwined in each line of their new release comes from Abbott's brave ability to tackle his demons head-on. For country fans, Front Row Seat is one of the best places to be.

Front Row Seat is available in select stores and online now.

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Josh Abbott Band Explores Lost Love in New Album, 'Front Row Seat'