Jordana Bryant
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Jordana Bryant Sets Boundaries on 'Too Much Too Soon' [Premiere]


Country singer-songwriter Jordana Bryant sets boundaries with an ex on the vulnerable "Too Much Too Soon," from her debut full-length EP (out April 21).

Bryant says the song is about getting your heartbroken by someone who isn't giving you the space to heal.

"I wrote 'Too Much Too Soon' for anyone who's ever been with someone who wasn't ready for a relationship and just couldn't commit, but also wasn't ready to truly move on," Bryant tells Wide Open Country. "It's hard to move on, especially when someone keeps trying to push themselves back into your life and isn't giving you space even though they're the one that said they weren't ready to be with you. I wanted to write a song to remind anyone who's going through this that they have every right to set boundaries and do things on their own timeline."

Listen to "Too Much Too Soon" below.




Bryant co-wrote every song on the EP with 2x GRAMMY Award-Winning Producer and Songwriter Seth Mosely, along with Nashville songwriters Jason Earley and Jonathan Gamble.


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