Premiere: Jordan Moore Shares Acoustic Performance of Tenacious 'Hard at Quittin''

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Country singer Jordan Moore captures the highs and lows of a relationship on the country-rock "Hard at Quittin'," the debut single from the Nashville-based artist.

Moore shares an acoustic rendition of the tune, which he performs with Noah Henson, the co-writer of the song and guitarist for Brantley Gilbert, exclusively with Wide Open Country readers.

Watch the acoustic performance of "Hard at Quittin'" below.

Raised in the small town of Lowell, Michigan, Moore formed the rock band Sargent Avenue while in college.

"It was there with that band that I really found my voice," Moore says in a press release. "As the lead vocalist, I really needed to learn how to sing. The stuff we were playing was really on the edge of my range on the high side and I was constantly losing my voice."

After the band broke up, Moore moved to Nashville, where he worked at a local car dealership to support his family. When stress and long hours at work took a toll on his personal life, the singer-songwriter found comfort once again in music.

Moore says "Hard at Quittin'" was inspired by a breakup and reconciliation with his wife and his determination to never give up on what he believes in. ("Quitting is not in my DNA. It never has been," he says. "I may fail but I will never, ever quit.")

"I'm 35 years old, I have a wife and three kids and I know darn well that some may think I'm too old or I don't deserve a chance to have a solo country music career at this point. And yes, I also know darn well that, on paper, none of this makes any sense," Moore says. "But the fact is that I constantly feel God in my life, directing me to make a return to music. And frankly, I've always listened to Him...and I'm not going to stop now."

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Premiere: Jordan Moore Shares Acoustic Performance of Tenacious 'Hard at Quittin''