Hear Jon Pardi’s New Single ‘Dirt On My Boots’

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Right on the heels of first No. 1 “Head Over Boots,” Jon Pardi just released the second single off second album California Sunrise. And he’s sticking with the boot theme for good measure.

Since it ain’t broke, he ain’t fixin’ it.

We pointed out “Dirt On My Boots” in our review of California Sunrise. The song, which captures a lot of country cliches, actually feels closer to 90s and early 2000s pop and rock in a lot of ways.

For starters, the melody is nowhere near a classic country melody, but you can pinpoint traces of some Destiny’s Child influence. The country instrumentation in the song is deliberate and accentuates melodic points, as opposed to sweeping and all over the place.

In other words, when you hear the fiddle, it’s usually playing very specific, thematic, melodic runs. The whole thing comes together for one of the more intriguing productions on the album

In an interview with, Pardi describes the song as a “club honky tonk” kind of song. He says that the demo was actually super hip hop, and they made it more country. That makes sense.

Fans of Turnpike Troubadours may notice a familiar melody and theme. The verse of the song captures both a similar concept and melodic interval as “Long Hot Summer Day.”

And yet, it’s different enough that it still feels original. So, for the song to really hit like his first single did, radio needs to resonate with its familiar theme and not-so-familiar melodies. Or at least, not familiar in the current country world.

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Hear Jon Pardi’s New Single ‘Dirt On My Boots’