New Documentary Series Traces Jon Pardi's Rise to Fame [WATCH]

A new three-part documentary lets viewers into the California native's private "Pardi". 

Over the past two years, rising country star Jon Pardi has allowed cameras into his life to document his personal journey of becoming a successful country artist. The three-part documentary, cleverly titled Intro To the Pardi, was directed by The Edde Brothers and airs exclusively on VEVO's Spotlight Country. The first video went live at 3 am ET on April 9, and the next two will follow on April 10 and April 13.

The first film in the series, Part I: Intro to the Pardi, gives fans a deep look into who Pardi is as a person, not just as an artist. Part one focuses on his small town roots in Dixon, California and how his authentic love for country music began to grow at the ripe age of two. Through personal never-before-seen photos and interviews with hometown friends Pardi's parents and even his high school principal, viewers get a taste of what makes Pardi the traditional country artist that he is today.

"If he didn't have a little guitar, the little play guitar, he would grab his little play gun that had a strap and he would just strum that gun, a broomstick, anything for a mic, a brush, he would turn the brush upside down," says Pardi's mother in an interview featured in the film.

Part two and three of the documentary will show more of Pardi's journey to success, including the release of his debut album Write You a Song on Capitol Records and his life on-the-road touring with country music's biggest stars.
Pardi the artist has been years in the making, and that's brought him immense respect in the country music world. The California cowboy has paid his dues and is ready to show the world where he came from and what he's made of.
You can join the party ('Pardi', we should say) and watch part two of the series on April 10.
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New Documentary Series Traces Jon Pardi's Rise to Fame [WATCH]