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Johnnyswim: The Husband-Wife Duo are Headed to Chip and Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Network


It's no secret that Chip and Joanna Gaines have great taste -- from Jojo's enviable farmhouse style to her amazing collection at Target, they know what works. Pretty soon, you'll get a firsthand look at two of their favorite musicians who also happen to be close personal friends, Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano Ramirez of the band Johnnyswim. The Fixer Upper couple has invited Johnnyswim to star in their own show on their new Magnolia Network called Home on the Road. 

The new show will center around the husband-wife duo, their marriage, and their children Luna, Paloma, and Joaquin as they experience life touring on the road. Hopefully, we'll see some of their sweet friendship with the Gaines family who shared cute pics from the band's concert in Dallas with Lauren Daigle (above). 

"Because touring is the foundation of our life, it took an intimate relationship like the one we have with Chip and Jo to trust the team to come in, put cameras in our faces, and let our life now become a performance," Abner told People

"Me and Chip talked for the first time when they found out they were getting a network, and he said, 'Man, I was just wondering if you guys would trust us to make a show with you about this crazy thing that you guys do: making music and making a life together while making babies,'" he continued.


"We said yes, and here we are!" says Amanda (daughter of the late Donna Summer).

The families first became acquainted when Joanna asked the duo to perform on the first season of Fixer Upper as a birthday surprise for Chip. Initially, Abner and Amanda hadn't seen the hit HGTV series and were going to decline. 

"At that point, we had never watched the show, so we were like, 'No, we're good, we're on tour. We don't really have time to go around and do all these things,'" Amanda recalls. "And then we went home for Thanksgiving to Abner's mom's house, and she was like, 'You have to watch this show. You're going to love this show, love these people.' And, all of a sudden, we're like, 'Oh, that's the couple that asked us to come perform!'"

"His mom has never asked us for anything, but she was like, 'Whatever they say, do it. For me, just do it,' Amanda continues. "So we did, and as soon as we started talking to them, we knew that they were kindred spirits."


Many fans might not also realize that it's a Johnnyswim song that served as the Fixer Upper theme song ("Home"). Chip revealed that their youngest child Crew was conceived after Johnnyswim performed in Waco. Amanda also ended up conceiving a new baby and you'll get to see her experience all of that with baby Paloma in the new show. 

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"I hope that what people see is that you can love what you do, and you can bring your kids along," Amanda says. "You can bring your family. You can bring your spouse. You can bring people you love along with the dreams that you have, and not sacrifice one for the other."

She continues: "It might take more time, it might require a lot more patience and a little bit more fine tuning, but you can do it. And I hope that with this show people feel like they can continue to pursue the things that they're passionate about and still find purpose in family."


One of the coolest things that Johnnyswim has been working on recently is their Songs With Strangers initiative. Each week they select a stranger on Instagram Live and in one day will work with them to write, record, produce, and release a new song. How cool is that?

The couple first came together after meeting at a songwriting session in Nashville. The following year they released their self-titled debut EP and began building up their fan base touring around the country. Heart Beats EP and its successful single "Don't Let It Get You Down" in 2013 led to the band's first full-length album the following year, Diamonds. Georgica Pond ("First Try" is excellent) and Moonlight followed. The couple has since recorded songs in Los Angeles with Grammy-winning producer and songwriter Malay, written together in New York, performed on The Tonight Show and everywhere in between. 

Most importantly, family is at the center of everything they do. As singer/songwriters, Abner and Amanda want people to feel fulfilled when they listen to their music. On, they explain -- "You can listen to a record and walk away feeling like your spirit is nourished," Amanda concludes. "That's what I want.  I hope it marks a time for you and your family, where you can associate these songs with those special moments."

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