Hear Johnny Lee's New Single 'Never Been to Texas'

Johnny Lee is back with a brand new single, "Never Been to Texas," that showcases the singer's strong Texas pride.

Lee is a true Texan, and that's why his new single is such a beautiful song. He says he knew the song was perfect the moment he heard it, and couldn't wait to get in the studio to record it.

His inspiration for the song came after hearing an evolutionist talk on a television program. With all the beautiful wonders in Texas, Lee felt moved to write a song. The end result captures the spirit of the great state of Texas. Lee says it's also a song he can easily use to win over fans from other states simply by adding a few extra lyrics at the end.

Hear him describe the song in his own words in this video.


Lee's new album, You Aint' Never Been to Texas, is now available on iTunes. The album was dropped on June 2. You can hear the title track in this video.


Over the years, Lee has given us plenty of fantastic songs. From early hits, like "Lookin' for Love" and "One in a Million" to "You Could've Heard a Heart Break" and "The Yellow Rose," Lee has 5 No. 1 hits and a number of high charting songs.

It's been many years since we've had the joy of hearing from Lee, but he is not disappointing with this new album. His Texas roots are definitely brightly shining.

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Hear Johnny Lee's New Single 'Never Been to Texas'