Song Premiere: Johnny Gates Holds On to an Old Flame on 'Reckless'

Jimmy Fisco

Rhode Island native and former The Voice contestant Johnny Gates tows the line between letting go and calling an old flame on "Reckless."

The singer-songwriter says the song, which was written over Zoom, is about the slow realization that you're not really over an ex.

"With 'Reckless,' we wanted to write about that feeling of trying like hell to get over someone -- until finally realizing that maybe you don't want to get over them. That might look like a lot of things: slipping up and calling, or hanging out - maybe even trying to give it another shot," Gates tells Wide Open Country. "This was actually a song that we wrote entirely on Zoom during Covid, but we recorded in L.A. in person at my producer's old spot in Highland Park. We spent four days there recording some of the zoom stuff we had written, with 'Flirt' recorded on day one, followed by 'Reckless' on day two. So it feels right that they've released in that order..."

Listen to "Reckless" below.

Gates has toured with Paramore, Need2Breath, JohnnySwim, Rod Stewart and more.

For more information on Johnny Gates, visit his official website.

'Reckless' Lyrics:

Ain't even had a sip since September
Ain't even let my mind go back
That weekend we spent in Denver
I tried to forget about that
But our song came on the radio
When I was taking that living without you drive
The neon ain't letting me let go
Of the blue in your eyesMight get a little reckless tonight
Throw some of them whiskey shots back
And try my luck
I know I ain't called you in a while
But I might give you a drunk dial
And say what's up
We've been keeping it in between the lines
But girl don't you think it's bout time
We take this over you off the track and get you back on my mind
Might get a little reckless tonightMight let myself think you think about me
Save you a seat, buy you a drink
Let myself feel lonely without you
Want you back
What you think

Might let your name slip
Might let myself miss you miss you
I miss you
I finally admit that probably not over you


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Song Premiere: Johnny Gates Holds On to an Old Flame on 'Reckless'