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Johnny Dailey Tells a Home Town Love Story on 'Trouble' [Video Premiere]


On "Trouble," country singer-songwriter Johnny Dailey sings about star-crossed lovers from the same hometown, but seemingly from different worlds. The song's subjects dive headfirst into romance, stealing away to meet up down red dirt roads under a "Dillashaw moon" and stirring up trouble, which, as Dailey sings, is "fun to get into, hard to get out."

"You were lookin' to paint outside the lines/ I was tattoo ink and a 4-wheel drive," Dailey sings. "You were headed to me, didn't think about what your daddy told you way back when/ You were the queen of Alabama/ I was trouble."

Dailey, who wrote the song with Aaron Eshuis and Joe Clemmons, says he was inspired by his own small town.

"I love the small town where I'm from, and it's always something I am trying to connect with in my songs," Dailey tells Wide Open Country. "When I got together with Aaron Eshuis and Joe Clemmons to write 'Trouble', I wanted to tap into that hometown love story that we all have probably experienced at one point or another. It's just about two people who are from different sides of the tracks, but their differences are exactly what the other needs. I'm really excited for people to hear this one. We've got a lot of new music coming in 2022, along with some live shows. It's going to be a heck of a year!"


Watch the acoustic performance video of "Trouble" below.

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Dailey grew up in Argo, Alabama, outside of Birmingham and honed his craft in Charleston, South Carolina, playing his songs on King Street. The singer-songwriter, who now resides in Nashville, signed his first publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music in 2019 and released his debut single, "Burns Like Whiskey" in 2021.


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