See Johnny Cash Show Off His Softer Side on ‘Sesame Street’

Screengrab via YouTube

Johnny Cash made a fan out of even the toughest of critics when he stopped by to perform on the legendary Sesame Street during the show’s fifth season.

To Oscar the Grouch’s enjoyment, Cash appeared on the show and sang the song “Nasty Dan,” one that immediately resonated with the character. He couldn’t seem to keep his composure when Cash sang lyrics that described just how nasty Dan was.

Inching further out of his trash can the deeper into the song Cash went, it’s clear as he interjects here and there that Oscar approves of the life of nasty Dan and his nasty wife Pearl. Click on the video below to see one of the rare times Oscar wasn’t such a grouch.

When the song is over Oscar boasts, “that was really great” and refers to the “I Walk the Line” singer as Johnny Trash. Before he leaves, Cash corrects him, bangs the side of his trash can with his guitar and tells him to have a rotten day. Oscar gratefully replies, “there goes my kind of guy.”

Johnny Cash isn’t the only country legend to visit everyone’s favorite fictional neighborhood. Click here to see other country stars who have visited Sesame Street.

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See Johnny Cash Show Off His Softer Side on ‘Sesame Street’