John Wayne Was the Worst Swimming Teacher Ever [VIDEO]

Screengrab via YouTube

At some point in our lives, most of us were taught how to swim.

Although I was never formally trained, I still eventually figured out how to maneuver myself in the water safely. Still, it's usually best to get an adult to help you learn how to stay afloat and be safe in the water.

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You would think John Wayne, who was known for his quick thinking and ability to outsmart anything and anyone, would've been a great choice for a swimming instructor. Even if something were to go wrong, he would definitely be the one to save you without hesitation. Right?

This clip shows an encounter between Wayne and a young boy who's enjoying a quiet day of fishing. After a quick chat, Wayne realizes the youngster doesn't know how to swim. How does Wayne react to this news? Well, you're just going to have to click below and find out.

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John Wayne Was the Worst Swimming Teacher Ever [VIDEO]