John Legend Reveals If He'll Ever Return To 'The Voice' And Why He's Leaving
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John Legend Reveals If He'll Ever Return To 'The Voice' And Why He's Leaving

The Voice is switching things up for Season 26 with most of the coaches gone except for Reba McEntire. With John Legend leaving the show, many wonder if he's pulling a Blake Shelton.

Legend recently opened up about why he's leaving the show. It's all to do with his busy music career. However, fans shouldn't count him out of appearing in future seasons. "I'll be doing a lot of shows this summer and traveling overseas this summer," Legend, 45, told Entertainment Tonight. "I'll be back... If only I were actually going to take a break!"

While he won't be on next season, Legend expressed a lot of excitement for Snoop Dogg and Michael Bublé joining the coaches' table. He'll be a bit sad that he isn't there himself.  "It's exciting to incorporate some new people into The Voice family. Having Snoop here, he's been here as a mentor before, but having him as a coach, I think is going to be a lot of fun and reinvigorate the show a bit," Legend shares. "We've been around for 25 seasons and part of how we continue to stay fresh is introducing new coaches to The Voice family, and I think Michael and Snoop will do really well. And I'm excited that Gwen and Reba will be back too because they're both wonderful coaches."

John Legend Talks Love Of 'The Voice'

Meanwhile, Legend also previously discussed his love for the show. That's what keeps him coming back time and time again. He really enjoys mentoring artists.

"I'm excited to be here," he said. "I love coaching on The Voice. I love working with our artists, just seeing people's dreams come true through this show, giving them all the advice I've gotten over the years, helping them learn from all the experiences that I've had over the years. It's a lot of fun for me."

However, he did have bad news for anyone expecting Blake Shelton back on the show. He was also proven right about Gwen Stefani's own return. "I feel like Gwen is the only chance we have. I don't think Blake is coming back," Legend said. "He is staying on the farm, he's enjoying himself. I've talked to him and he's, like, picking corn. He sent us some fresh corn from the farm, he sent us some fresh peaches from the farm, we made peach cobbler. I don't think he has any desire to come back to Hollywood and film The Voice.