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John Lancaster, Longtime Keyboardist For Gary Allan, Dies At Age 43

John Lancaster, the longtime keyboardist for country music star Gary Allan, passed away on Friday, May 1, which happened to be his 43rd birthday.

Per Taste of Country, the musician had been hospitalized for about a week and had recently gone into hospice care for an unspecified illness.

Allan announced the news on Facebook along with a tribute video.

"A Georgia native, John joined Gary Allan Tours in 2007 and quickly became more than just a band member," read the post. "He was a brother to me and all of the band and crew and a friend to everyone he met. John had a way of making everyone laugh when he walked in the room, either from something he said or some look he would give you. If you had the chance to hear him play the intro to 'Life Ain't Always Beautiful,' you know his remarkable playing came straight from his heart to all of those listening. His showmanship and often colorful and eccentric wardrobe made him a fan favorite on and off stage. Most importantly, John was a great dad to his sweet daughter, Olivia. At this time, I ask you to please keep John's family and friends in your prayers."

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Songwriter Will Hoge also eulogized Lancaster, a former tour mate.

"He was a great friend," Hoge wrote on Facebook. "He'd drop everything to help you and that rubbed off too. There aren't enough pages of space on the internet for me to tell you all the gut busting hilarious memories I have with and about John."

Lancaster also toured with Jamey Johnson and co-wrote several songs with ex-wife Rachel Proctor, including Allan's "You Without Me" from the 2013 album Set You Free and Nashville singer-songwriter Victoria Banks' "Barefoot Girl."

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