Get a First Look at John Deere's New Fully Electric Tractor

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If you think you've seen it all when it comes to John Deere, think again. The company's latest project is a fully-electric tractor called the Sustainable Energy Supply for Agricultural Machinery or SESAM. John Deere plans on unveiling its newest tractor at the Paris International Agribusiness Show in early 2017.

Until that time comes, we only know some things about this fully-electric SESAM tractor. It comes with a 150kWh battery pack, which is a lot bigger than any other tractor on the market today and only takes about three hours to charge itself. The SESAM needs its battery pack to help tow large tools and to perform other tasks, which it can do in an 'off mode' setting without having any sort of diesel engine running.

Due to the tractor's unique motor setup, the machine is incredibly loud when in use. Still, John Deere is expecting that their electric motors will require less maintenance than a diesel.

An official release date for the fully-electric tractor hasn't been announced, but rumor is that it will become available sometime in 2017. Its release may signal that all-electric appliances and machinery could become more of a competitive part of the agricultural field in the next few years.

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Get a First Look at John Deere's New Fully Electric Tractor