John Deere Cutting Hundreds of Midwestern Employees
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John Deere Cutting Hundreds of Midwestern Employees

John Deere ruthlessly cuts hundreds of their workers in the midwest United States. 280 workers lose their jobs in East Moline, Illinois and another 230 also receive notices from the company in Davenport Iowa. Additionally, the agricultural sales giant lets go roughly 100 employees in Dubuque, Iowa. They all have go into effect on August 30th.

According to the press release, John Deere claims this stems from a lesser demand in their products. The cruel irony is, the company rakes in over $10 billion in profits last year. One of their longtime employees notices this and puts the blame on the company's gross, excessive greed. "We get wind of more layoffs daily, it seems, and it's causing uncertainty all over," they say anonymously. "The only reason for Deere to do this is greed."

Still, the company coldly releases a statement, explaining their thinking. "We can confirm Deere leadership recently communicated that rising operational costs and declining market demand requires enterprise-wide changes in how work gets done to achieve our goals and best position the company for the future," it explains.

Furthermore, John Deere wishes for increased efficiency in operation and in costs. This brings them to move one of their facilities from Iowa to Mexico, starting at the end of 2026.

Blue Collar Workers React to The John Deere News on Facebook

The Facebook Crowd reacts just how you might expect they would. Firstly, there's plenty of jokes to go around. One person sarcastically replies, "Wow heading to Mexico I guess."

In addition, you'll get plenty of people blaming the president and the current state of the country. They'll never place blame on any corporate entity like John Deere hoarding all the dough. Rather, their frustrations shifts anywhere but them.

For example, take this comment into consideration. "Congratulations UAW and Joe Biden. I hope those workers that vote Democrat are happy," they say. "And just wait until they want their union to do something for them and the union is nowhere to be found. Deere is the only decent employer in Waterloo, Iowa. I hope those workers take Biden's advice and learn to code."