John Conlee Gives His Hit ‘Common Man’ a Bluegrass Makeover

Country legend John Conlee has released a bluegrass update of his 1983 hit about living the simple life.

“Common Man” was John Conlee’s third number one hit. Written and originally recorded by Sammy Johns, the song’s theme of taking pride in your station in life over aspirating to the tastes of high society has long resonated with country fans, and it’s no surprise. That theme has been at the heart of country music since its inception, and it remains one of the genre’s defining themes.

The message in the song’s chorus has been sung in countless variations over the years.

“I’m just a common man, drive a common van/ My dog ain’t got a pedigree/If I have my say, it gonna stay that way/’Cause high-browed people lose their sanity/And a common man is what I’ll be”

Conlee recently updated the song with a bluegrass twist on the album Country Grass, which features covers by other country legends like Jim Ed Brown, Crystal Gale, Eddy Raven and more. Bluegrass band Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road serve as support on each track.

In the video below, Conlee sings the updated version with Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road backing him up. Bluegrass is an appropriate style for the song’s theme, and the tempo drives right along.

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John Conlee Gives His Hit ‘Common Man’ a Bluegrass Makeover