Joey + Rory’s Joey Feek Enters Hospice Care

Joey and Rory‘s Joey Feek is preparing to enter hospice care after an emergency hospitalization last week.

Last month, Feek decided to cease ongoing treatment for her Stage IV cervical cancer after doctors discovered additional tumors in her body. The married couple decided to head home to their farm in Columbia, Tenn. so the Feeks could enjoy Joey’s remaining days in peace. On Nov. 5, hundreds of fans, friends and family members joined in a national prayer vigil for Joey.

According to a new blog update from Rory Feek on  This Life I Live, Joey was rushed to the hospital due to severe pain just hours after the vigil. Doctors told the Feeks that her pain was caused by the growing tumors in her body. “Not the answer we hoped for,” Rory feel wrote. “But the answer He has given us.”

Over the past few days, Joey has spent time most of her time playing with and singing to their young daughter Indiana. “Both of their eyes light up the moment they see each other,” Rory says. “It’s been beautiful.”

The next step for the Feeks is setting up in-home hospice care for Joey, where she will be able to rest and be close with her family. Although the reality of Joey’s condition seems bleak, Rory Feek says he has come to terms with their future. “Joey is at peace with where she is and where she’s going,” he says. “So am I.”

You can read Rory Feek’s full update at This Life I Live.

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Joey + Rory’s Joey Feek Enters Hospice Care