Joey + Rory Share Uplifting New Photo with Daughter Indiana

Facebook/Joey And Rory

Joey + Rory Feek shared a beautifully uplifting photo that captured Joey smiling happily, reveling in her time with the couple’s daughter Indiana.

The 22-month old was caught playing with her mother in a photo snapped by Rory, a moment which he celebrated with a heartwarming note to fans that he’d been “…loving watching them loving each other.”

Indiana, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome not long ago, was photographed on her mother’s hospice bed. The mother and country singer has been living in the care center since being diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer back in November of last year. Along with Rory, the couple has been documenting their finer moments in life on social media, appearing ever so grateful for their time left together.

While Joey’s battle with cancer has been a spotlight for the couple in recent months, the pair is also excited to have been nominated for next month’s Grammy Awards with their track, “If I Needed You”, in the running to take the cake for Best Country Duo / Group Performance.

“Woke my bride up this morning with a baby in my arms and the news that our version of “If I Needed You” was nominated for a Grammy,” Rory wrote when the announcement was made on the surprise Grammy nomination.

Between now and then, you can expect more beautiful moments from the popular country duo, as they’re sure to keep sharing in an effort to uplift the spirits of their many fans

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Joey + Rory Share Uplifting New Photo with Daughter Indiana