Joey + Rory Fans Campaign to Get ‘When I’m Gone’ to Number One

Fans of Joey + Rory are banding together to boost one of their most poignant songs to the top of the iTunes chart.

During this incredibly difficult time for Joey Feek, who is dealing with terminal cervical cancer, fans are trying to support the couple in any way they can. Over the past few days, fans have been using social media to urge country fans to download the couple’s 2012 track “When I’m Gone” on iTunes.

The haunting track from their third studio album, His + Hers, discusses the pain and difficulty that comes from losing the one you love. “You’ll wonder how you’ll carry on, but you’ll be okay on that first day when I’m gone,” Joey sings sweetly in the track.

“I was devastated, absolutely devastated when I heard it and what it meant and coming from the person who is leaving their loved one,” Joey Feek said of the song. “That concept was just something that I had never heard or thought of before, and it really struck me.”

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Many country stars, including Terri Clark and Ty Herndon, have taken to their Twitter pages to support the efforts.

Thanks to the campaign, “When I’m Gone” is currently positioned at #8 on the iTunes country chart.

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Joey + Rory Fans Campaign to Get ‘When I’m Gone’ to Number One