Joey and Rory Announce Joey Feek's Cancer Has Returned

Joey Feek, the female half of country duo Joey and Rory, is battling ovarian cancer. Her husband, Rory, announced the news to fans on their personal online blog.

"On Thursday, Joey had a port put in for chemotherapy and radiation," Rory shared. "She starts the treatments in the coming weeks." Feek previously underwent surgery to treat the cancer last year. After feeling ill during the past few months, doctors discovered that Feek's cancer had returned.

"With six weeks of chemo and radiation, the tumor may reduce in size and possibly even go away completely, and if so, she won't have to have any further surgeries. If the chemo and radiation doesn't work like they hope, Joey will be in for an even tougher road ahead."

The couple has a one-year-old daughter, Indiana. The two are trying to stay positive about the heartbreaking ordeal.

"While we will pray each day for a miracle, we're gonna live each day as if it's a miracle. And it is," Rory Feek writes. "We pray for complete and total healing in Joey's body, so we can grow old together, holding hands in rockers on our front porch watching the sun go down."

You can read the full blog post discussing Joey Feek's health issues at their blog, This Life I Live.

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Joey and Rory Announce Joey Feek's Cancer Has Returned