Joey Feek’s Life to Be Celebrated with New Documentary

Joey Feek’s husband and musical partner is sharing the story of their life together in a new documentary.

Through a blog post on This Life I Live, Rory Feek announced that To Joey, With Love will be shown in theaters for one night only on Sept. 20. The documentary will feature footage that was filmed just a few weeks before the birth of their daughter Indiana in February 2014 and through her battle with cancer, which would eventually cause her death in March of this year.

Although at the time Rory Feek was unsure of what he would do with the hours of footage he had shot, Provident Films in Nashville will help edit the footage into a film that shows their beautiful but difficult journey together.

“Joey didn’t live to see her 41st birthday, but this September, just a week or so after her birthday on the 9th… my wife will get the chance to live again,” Rory Feek writes. “On a movie screen, her heart will start beating and her story will come to life once more and it will be my gift to her.  And to our girls. And to our friends and family and all who loved her.”

You can find out more information about where to see To Joey, With Love at the documentary’s official website.

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Joey Feek’s Life to Be Celebrated with New Documentary