Joey Feek Enjoys a Special Moment with Her Daughter in New Video

Rory Feek has shared an inspiring video of his wife Joey as she makes the difficult journey out of bed to spend a few precious moments with her family.

On Dec. 11, the Feeks shared a heartwarming photo of Joey sitting and playing with their daughter Indiana on the floor. The photo shocked and inspired many fans, as Joey had not left her hospital bed for many weeks and was “prepared to possibly never walk again.”

“I guess the power-of-the-will is much stronger than the power of fear,” Rory wrote on his blog, This Life I Live. “Honestly, I think Joey just got tired of listening to life going on in the rooms outside of her bedroom and tired of wondering what it would be like to be part of it… and she just had her sister Jody help her out of bed and she came out and sat down and joined in for about an hour and a half.”

“When the door to her bedroom opened up and she came out in the living room, we almost couldn’t believe our eyes,” Rory continued. “We were all so proud of her, but I think Joey was even more proud of herself.”

Joey then joined her young daughter on the floor for the first time in weeks to play and teach her sign language, which she had “been dreaming of being able to do.”

Although Feek has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, her friends and family have been inspired by her sunny and positive attitude during this difficult time.

“Yes, she’s a few years older and the chemo and radiation have taken their toll on her physical body,” Rory writes. “But the same joy in her spirit and the same beautiful smile is still there, shining through. Cancer can’t take that away from her.”

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Joey Feek Enjoys a Special Moment with Her Daughter in New Video