Joey Feek Celebrates Important Milestone in Her Cancer Treatment


It’s been an incredibly challenging year for musical duo Joey and Rory.

Since the discovery of Joey Feek’s Stage 4 cervical cancer, the couple has been sharing every step of their battle against the disease with fans. Joey’s husband and musical partner, Rory, has been documenting their journey on his blog, This Life I Live. On Oct. 3, he shared that his wife had reached an important moment in her ongoing treatment plan.

“After five long weeks of chemo and radiation, Joey got to ring the bell today,” Rory wrote. “They have a ceremony at CTCA [Cancer Treatment Centers of America] where when someone finishes their last treatment…they get to ring the bell, and they make a celebration of that part of your journey being completed.”

In the video above, you can see the celebration hospital staffers threw for the Feeks after Joey emerged from her last treatment session.

“It’s a day my bride has been looking forward to since we got here in mid-August,” Rory explained. “Though we will continue to come back here for more, even stronger, chemo treatments that Joey will get in the coming months…all of her radiation treatments are completed, and that’s what Joey got to celebrate today. The smile, the tears and especially the joy on her face said it all.”

Although they have a long road ahead of them, it’s clear both Joey and Rory are determined to keep a positive outlook during their fight against the debilitating disease.

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Joey Feek Celebrates Important Milestone in Her Cancer Treatment