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Joey + Rory

Joey + Rory’s Farmhouse Concert Hall Gets Inspirational New Purpose

In a new post to his blog This Life I Live, Rory Feek reveals that the giant red barn he once performed in with his late wife, Joey, is getting a new purpose.

Feek explains that the Cross Country Cowboy Church is now using the barn for it's Sunday service, which features music from Craig Campbell and his wife, Mindy. In years past, Joey + Rory would hold their annual farmhouse concerts in the barn. The space had been empty since the funeral service for Joey last year, but Feek was inspired when he attended the Bethesda, Tenn. on the recommendation of his daughter, Hopie.

"I kept thinking, 'Joey would absolutely love this,'" Feek writes. "I knew... that had my wife been there with me that morning... she would've squeezed my arm and said, 'this is it honey... this is where we're supposed to be.'"

When he learned that the church members did not have a permanent place to worship, leading them to sacrifice hours of their days to move the from building to building each week, Rory had an idea.

"The church needed a place to call home and we needed a church to be part of," he explained. "And so, for a month of Sundays now, our empty building has been filled with a hundred and fifty people or so. And, Indiana and I just walk across the driveway to church...."

"I feel blessed to have them here and thankful to be able to bless them with a place to gather and share the good news, without having to load in and break down before and after every service," Rory continues.

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Although it's unclear if the Cross Country Cowboy Church will call the Feek's property home long term, Rory says he's happy to bring a bit of music and life back to the barn.

"I have to admit, I don't know a whole lot of folks there yet, and they're still working the kinks out and settling in, but it's pretty darn special if you ask me," he says. "And it isn't just cowboys and cowgirls that come, it's lots of folks who love Jesus and live in the country. And families that live in the city but feel a strong call to take a step back in time and worship without as many frills as some of today's churches have."

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