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Jodie Foster Has a Message for Kelly Clarkson after Dallas Cowboys Loss

The actress and known Cheesehead had plenty to gloat about on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show'

Jodie Foster, a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan now basking in the glory of her fifth Oscar nomination, swung by "The Kelly Clarkson Show" with a mischievous glint in her eye, ready to rub in the Packers' triumph over Clarkson's beloved Dallas Cowboys.

The show clip that dropped on Monday was a playful showdown. Foster, who found her Packers passion during LA's NFL team drought, proudly paraded photos of herself donning a Cheesehead - the ultimate Packers fan gear - likely snapped during that nail-biting wild-card victory over Dallas.

"Suck it," Clarkson playfully retorted, as Foster flaunted her Packers allegiance and tossed in a tongue-in-cheek "sorry about that." Clarkson, ever the good sport, quipped back, "I'm just kidding. I watched that game, and I go, 'You know what? You deserve it.'"

The Packers, in that unforgettable playoff, toppled the Cowboys 48-32, only to later stumble against San Francisco in the divisional round.

Foster wasn't done showing off. In her photo arsenal, she flashed a Super Bowl XLV ring, a "genuine, real Super Bowl ring," borrowed from a friend, though she kept the story behind it tantalizingly vague.

Clarkson kicked off their chat diving into fantasy football. The pop star, a newbie to the game, was all ears for tips from Foster, a fantasy league veteran with a crew of "over-60 ladies." Foster revealed a bit of her strategy, boasting about having Cowboys tight end Jake Ferguson, a University of Wisconsin alum, on her team. He was a standout in the game against Green Bay, hitting career highs across the board.

Clarkson, in a moment of sports fan despair, lamented, "One of the only people that showed up at our football game."

In an exciting twist, Foster woke up Tuesday to the news of her Best Supporting Actress nomination for "Nyad," a gripping Netflix film about Diana Nyad's epic open-water swim from Cuba to Florida.

This nomination isn't Foster's first rodeo. She's been in the Oscar ring before for "Taxi Driver" and "Nell," clinching wins for "The Accused" and "Silence of the Lambs."

And if you're craving more Foster, catch her on HBO's "True Detective: Night Country." She's delving into the icy Alaskan unknown as a cop unraveling a grisly crime. And here's a tidbit for the fans: in the pilot, she's spotted in enemy territory, sporting a Minnesota Vikings sweatshirt.

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