Joanna Gaines Addresses Rumors About New Business Venture


Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines is debunking rumors that she’s leaving the show to start a new business.

Earlier this year, she shared a blog post titled “Don’t Believe Everything You Read” after rumors of her quitting the show began to spread across the internet. Still, that wasn’t enough to completely squash the whispers that she’s ready to take a new direction. She interrupted her well-curated, home and family-geared Instagram account to post a big, bold “no.”

“There have been rumors floating around about me leaving the show to start a skincare/makeup line,” Gaines writes in an Instagram post. “I wanted to take a minute to let y’all know that it’s simply not true. This is a SCAM! We have nothing to do with it and have been trying to stop it for some time.”

If Gaines ever decided to launch a skin care line, it would likely be a huge success. But that’s just not on her radar. She’s busy with a million other things, like the new season of Fixer Upper, being a mom, her new restaurant, and Magnolia Journal. Her Waco bakery just hit the one year mark and a Fixer Upper spin off is also in the works.

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Joanna Gaines Addresses Rumors About New Business Venture