Jo Dee Messina

Jo Dee Messina's New Song 'Bigger Than This' Addresses Her Faith and Battle with Cancer

Over the weekend, Jo Dee Messina performed her new song, "Bigger Than This," on Huckabee. The song's lyrics draw from the heavy life changes Messina has endured lately and she addresses her faith through all of the turmoil.

Only a week ago, Messina updated fans about her cancer diagnosis through a post on social media. Though Messina has kept details concerning her health battle private, the update said she was doing better and felt moved to get into the studio to record new music in order to process recent events.

Now, fans can watch and download her new track "Bigger Than This." Jo Dee Messina sings about her health, personal life and finanical issues in broad metaphors, allowing the lyrics to apply to anyone going through a rough patch with lines like, "With all the chaos and confusion/I can hardly breathe."

After addressing the darkness, Messina repeats the line "My God is bigger than this" as a reminder of what she believes in and a plea to herself to keep faith. The track crescendos into a belting battle cry for her faith to keep her afloat during the chaos. Though the devotion to a higher power isn't relatable to all listeners, the desire to grasp on to something bigger than one's personal problems can resonate with many who are looking for a light at the end of the tunnel.

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