See Willie Nelson and Jimmy Fallon’s Awkward Chat on Nelson’s Tour Bus

In this “Tonight Show” bit, Willie Nelson invites host Jimmy Fallon on his tour bus to chat before his performance. Unfortunately, Fallon found his guest performer surprisingly mute.

Nelson may not have many lines in this bit, but he gets some laughs at the end. Fallon rarely fails to host hilarious segments with country music’s biggest stars, and this one is no exception.

See what happens during their awkward conversation.

Nelson is no stranger to acting. His filmography, which spans several decades, continues to grow each year. Most recently, he had an incident with the highway patrolmen from Super Troopers.

In addition to his acting career, Willie has social change on his mind. He raises funds for American farmers with his annual Farm Aid festival. These aspirations, however, do not stop with farmers. Most notably, Nelson’s is a marijuana legalization advocate. This has become part of his identity as a pop culture icon. As a result, many of his appearances have been to promote his advocacy for social causes.

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