Blake Shelton
Screengrab via YouTube

Watch Jimmy Fallon Take Blake Shelton on a Hilarious 'Race Through New York'

Blake Shelton joined Jimmy Fallon for a hilarious first look at Fallon's brand new ride at Universal Orlando.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is currently filming in Orlando ahead of the ride's grand opening this Friday. Of course, it's only fitting that Fallon invites his longtime bud to take a spin on "Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon."

The video shows plenty of comical banter between the two stars. This includes slight jabs at each others' egos, but that's what makes things fun.

As Fallon and Shelton make their way to the new attraction, they talk The Voice and Blake Shelton's latest album, If I'm Honest.

At first, Shelton thinks the new attraction won't be impressive, saying things like, "They couldn't even get you a real rollercoaster?" and "They gave you a movie instead of a ride?"

While on the 3D adventure, Shelton instantly talks about how realistic the ride feels. He finally folds and manages to give Fallon a real compliment.

"I have to admit this is pretty cool," Shelton said to Fallon before admitting that he felt a little queazy.


As much as they bicker, these two are actually good friends. If you missed Shelton's previous appearances, watch what happens when Blake Shelton tried to teach Jimmy Fallon how to milk a cow.

"Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon" will open to the public on April 7 at Universal Orlando.

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