Jimmy Buffett Launches New Brand of Cannabis, 'Coral Reefer'

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Jimmy Buffett is a lot of things to a lot of folks: owner and creator of the Margaritaville empire, beloved singer of hits like "Cheeseburger in Paradise," the man behind Landshark beer, the human personification of the state of Florida. Now we can add the title of cannabis brand entrepreneur to that list. That's right, Buffett has partnered with Surterra Wellness to launch his own line of cannabis products, and they all sound like they popped right out of one of his tropical band's songs.

The Coral Reefer brand offers multiple Key West lifestyle inspired products. The line features multiple products including oils, vape pens, and vape pen cartridges. They also have some really cool names like Surfin' in a Hurricane, Cabana Daydreamin' and Seas the Day. The pen is called the TideRider and it looks just like a mini surfboard.

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The healing properties of cannabis clearly appealed to Buffett. But really, personal wellness has always been a staple of Buffett's brand. At least, in terms of his insistence that everyone should feel relaxed as often as possible. Though the perceptions of cannabis are changing rapidly in the U.S. it's unlikely that most of Buffett's fans weren't already pretty open to its use. By and large, it seems likely that his fans are going to welcome Buffett's products and weed brand because why wouldn't they? It's pretty on brand with Buffett in general.

Coral Reefer cannabis products are distributed exclusively at over 20 Surterra Wellness Centers located in most major cities throughout Florida. The products will roll-out in other states, including California and Nevada, by mid-summer 2019.

Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefer is the latest way everyone's favorite beach enthusiast is getting the world to chill out. And it also may make you crave some cheeseburgers. Especially if Jimmy's song is playing in the background.

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Jimmy Buffett Launches New Brand of Cannabis, 'Coral Reefer'