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Video Premiere: Jimbo Pap Navigate a New Relationship on 'String of Pearls'

Los Angeles, California-based band Jimbo Pap (Jim Bowers, Bo Brannen, Pap Shirock, Cal Campbell, Kip Boardman, Chelsea Rey and David Tobocman) capture the cautious optimism of new love on "String of Pearls," featured on their debut album It Can Always Get Worse. Written by Jim Bowers, the song explores the excitement of a new romance and the fear of putting too much pressure on a relationship.

"I can't imagine talking you into a string of pearls," Bowers sings. "Much less giving up your autonomy to be my girl"

"I'd had a seven-year marriage fall apart, and this song came along a little later when I'd met someone new who interested me enough to not immediately bolt at the thought of any kind of commitment," Bowers tells Wide Open Country. "Given my relatively recent disillusionments at that time, I felt a confliction between my desires for real intimacy and the apparent norms of, I guess mainly monogamous relationships. Over time I came to realize that it's less rare for people to feel that than perhaps I'd first thought. Another song I can think of that deals with it is an old Dolly Parton tune that I love, 'When Possession Gets Too Strong.'"

Today, Wide Open Country is premiering the video for "String of Pearls."

"The video is a great example for how to make something engaging out of really not much at all," Bower continued. "The director, Cassandra, just came and shot some footage at a rehearsal, and then kept me over for another couple hours to set up lights and get some closer shots. By that time, she'd seen us live a time or two and this was the song she connected to and wanted to work on. Although Pap does modeling and acting aside from being in this band (she's even in that new 'Ford V Ferrari' movie for just a few seconds) all of that stuff does not feel natural for me in the slightest, and we're so happy she was able to joke around with me and get me to loosen up a little."

Watch the video for "String of Pearls" below.

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