Jim Ed Brown’s Lung Cancer Returns

Jim Ed Brown‘s family has shared the devastating news that he is once again undergoing treatment for lung cancer.

“This is a prayer request. They worked before, so I am hopeful they will this time, too,” Brown’s daughter Kim wrote on his Facebook page. “Dad’s cancer has returned (not in his lungs), and he is undergoing chemotherapy. We are hopeful for a positive outcome, but it’s a combination of hope and prayers that will get him through this. We all thank you in advance.”

In January of this year, Brown’s doctors said his cancer had gone into remission after intense chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Earlier this May, doctors told Brown that he had beat the disease and gave him a clean bill of health.

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“Just this week actually, I did a test, and they said, ‘Jim Ed, we can’t find any more cancer cells,’” Brown told Taste of Country. “I said, ‘Lord, thank you so much.’ You’ve got the radiation and the chemo and all of that, and they hit me pretty hard with it. But I’m doing good.”

Brown’s most recent album, In Style Again, was released in January. He will also be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame with his sisters Bonnie and Maxine at a ceremony in Nashville planned for later this year.

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Jim Ed Brown’s Lung Cancer Returns