Angry Folks Call for a Jim Beam Boycott Because of Spokeswman Mila Kunis

In America, few things can unite us more than bourbon and its family-centered, time-honored tradition of distilling deep in the rolling Kentucky and Tennessee hills. However, just like it brings together, sometimes bourbon can pull us apart. In today's heated political climate, you might find yourself reaching for a stiff drink whenever a particularly sordid headline is playing on the 24-hour news cycle loop. And sometimes, that news cycle loop is also the same thing that cause a boycott of a beloved American brand. Mila Kunis' comments during "Conan" has certainly sparked that outrage.

A Jim Beam spokeswoman, Mila Kunis is a strong mother and proud gun owner who can take apart a gun blindfolded. However, she recently made waves when she revealed that as a form of peaceful protest, she has been making monthly donations to Planned Parenthood in Vice President Mike Pence's name.

As soon as she revealed this information, she knew that the backlash would be fierce. However, she might not have predicted that a #BoycottJimBeam social media campaign would follow.

Social media posts full of hate and contempt began filtering after the interview as bourbon drinkers stated they would begin dumping bottles of Jim Beam until they fire Mila Kunis as a spokesperson.

As you can see, most of the talk centers around the controversial nature of Planned Parenthood.

Jim Beam has, so far, not released a statement. However for a brand that sells well over 500,000 cases of bourbon each year, and one that just filled its 14 millionth barrel in 2016, the brand might not be too concerned about a few bottles heading down the drain.

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