Song Premiere: Jessie Clement's Slow-Burning 'Let it All Fall'

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Tennessee native singer-songwriter Jessie Clement explores the line between friends and something more on the mesmerizing "Let it All Fall," the latest release from her forthcoming album Slow Motion Philosophies (out February 14).

"It's about the internal struggle -- realizing what you actually want the relationship to be, knowing the risks of wanting more and moving forward, and, in my case, trying to force yourself out of those feelings for that person (whether the motive is preserving that relationship or saving yourself the heartache)," Clement says in a press release. "Much like the almost hypnotic pattern of the guitar part, it's rather circular. The guys really captured the essence of the emotion I was trying to expound on through their many different shades of mellow."

Clement says, while it wasn't her intention, the song ended up as a nod to one of her musical idols: John Mayer.

"Don't tell anyone...but I'd have to say 'Let It All Fall' is probably my favorite on this record as far as 'feel' goes," Clement tells Wide Open Country. "One of the loves of my life is John Mayer, obviously, and 'Let It All Fall' has Johnny undertones and I love it so much. And interestingly, that wasn't necessarily intentional. The song lent itself to that mellow, hypnotic groove, and when we listened back after it was finished, we realized that we recognized that heart."
Listen to "Let It All Fall" below.

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Song Premiere: Jessie Clement's Slow-Burning 'Let it All Fall'