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Kirsten Dunst Is Expecting Her Second Child With Fiancé Jesse Plemons

When looking at all of the high profile couples in Hollywood, you might initially be surprised to hear that former Friday Night Lights star Jesse Plemons has quietly been in a relationship with Kirsten Dunst for years. But once you take a closer look at the two of them together, it's clear that they are actually quite compatible and have a sweet, happy relationship out of the limelight. 

The couple first crossed paths when they were co-stars on the second season of the FX TV show Fargo, but met at truly one of the worst places in the country (if you know, you know) — the Los Angeles International Airport. Plemons opened up about their first encounter while giving a speech at his love's Hollywood Star unveiling. He was initially intimidated when she approached him since she's had an incredibly impressive career for over three decades. But her demeanor immediately put him at ease.

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"I looked into her eyes and saw the beautiful, sweet, unguarded, welcoming, human being that she is. It was truly in an instant." 

It wasn't exactly an immediate connection for the pair, which is important because they were able to set a strong foundation based on friendship. Dunst had been in a longtime relationship with actor Garrett Hedlund which didn't end until 2016, a year after she first met Plemons working on Fargo. Just two months after the split was confirmed, Dunst was photographed kissing Plemons and they've been together ever since. 

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The actor proposed in 2017 but later that year it was revealed that Dunst was actually pregnant. The pregnancy came as a welcome surprise and the happy couple welcomed son Ennis Howard the following year. While they still aren't married years later, the couple is entirely devoted to each other and is waiting for the timing to be right.

"But we're about as married as you can get," Dunst told PorterEdit. "We have a kid together. My mom was like, 'But when are you guys getting married?' And I said, 'Mom, I'm not going to get married when I'm pregnant. I want to have fun and have a drink. I mean, we're paying for this wedding. I'm paying for the bar! I want to enjoy it.' [My mom is] kind of old-school in that way. I thought I would have a hard time getting pregnant, but it was a surprise. If I hadn't met Jesse, I would have frozen my eggs. [But] it feels like I lucked out." 

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Dallas, Texas native Plemons was a child actor, similar to Dunst, but really made his big breakthrough playing Landry Clarke on the NBC series Friday Night Lights. He's created quite an impressive career for himself with follow up roles as Todd Alquist on AMC's Breaking Bad and El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, the Martin Scorsese Netflix film The IrishmanGame NightHostilesAmerican MadeBlack Mass, the Steven Spielberg films The Post and Bridge of Spies, the role of Philip Seymour Hoffman's son in Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master, and even played a young Matt Damon in All the Pretty Horses. Plemons has appeared in multiple Oscar-nominated films and earned Emmy nominations for his roles in Fargo and Black Mirror. He's come a long way since being a child actor on the set of Varsity Blues. Most recently he's starred in I'm Thinking of Ending Things and the upcoming films Judas and the Black Messiah, Jungle Cruise, and Antlers. 

Meanwhile, we've been watching Dunst since she played a child vampire opposite Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire, a role that earned her a Golden Globe nomination. She's known for starring in the high school drama The Virgin Suicides, Bring It On, Spider-Man, and earned a Golden Globe nomination for her role in Fargo. She's an incredible actress so it's nice to see that she's settled down with Plemons and that they are enjoying a private family life on their own terms. 

"He's my favorite actor—the best I've ever worked with," Dunst said of Plemons to PorterEdit. "I just knew he would be in my life forever. I didn't know what capacity that would be at the time. When [Fargo] was over, I just missed him terribly. We didn't get together until a year later. We were both smart enough that we were wondering if the connection was just because we were working together. But it was real."

jesse plemons

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Plemons further proved that their love is real by singing his longtime partner's praises at her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. Though he describes Dunst as his wife, the actress later clarified that they are still unmarried.

"Aside from the brilliant actor you are, I've also had the even greater pleasure of getting to know you as a person outside of work," he said. "Seeing the kind of mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and cohort you are is why I and all of your friends and everyone else are here today and why we all love you. It's for the incredibly generous and amazing person that you are."

In a recent photoshoot with W Magazine, Dunst revealed that she was pregnant with the couple's second child. The actress appeared in the photoshoot with actresses Elle Fanning and Rashida Jones, directed by her longtime friend and collaborator, Sofia Coppola. The 38-year-old joked to People that because she was pregnant, she had a few issues with the shoot which featured her photographed lying down, making her growing baby bump very prominent.

"Every shot was on the floor. I was like, 'I can't get up.' I felt like Urkel."

While we aren't sure if the couple is expecting a boy or a girl, we're happy for the growing family!

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