Song Premiere: Jesse Daniel Shares Advice From an Old Friend on 'Bringin' Home the Roses'

Molly Gisholm

Add Jesse Daniel to the list of punk rock musicians turned singer-songwriters who firmly grasp the appeal of classic country. In Daniel's case, his throwback arrangements honor the home state legacies of Buck Owens, Merle Haggard and others associated with Bakersfield, California, while his lyrics share the modern perspectives of a rural Santa Cruz native.

New song "Bringin' Home the Roses," debuting today via Wide Open Country, reflects how country folks from just about anywhere can relate to stories inspired by Daniel's childhood in a West Coast mountain town.

"I've been fascinated and inspired by older people since I was a kid," Daniel says. "I had an old war vet neighbor, way up in the mountains where I grew up. All the neighborhood kids and I would  go down to his house where he'd teach us blacksmithing, survival skills and tell us stories about the good old days. He really made an impression on me and taught me that older people often have a lot of wisdom if you actually listen. That has been the premise of a few of my songs, including 'Bringin' Home The Roses'... a story of somebody older, wiser and more experienced offering a youngster some advice about life. When you boil it down, this is a simple, storytelling country song."

The song's off new album Rollin' On, out March 27. The title track's making the rounds online, and it's reminiscent of Dwight Yoakam's revved-up, modernized take on his and Daniel's favorite West Coast country artists.

Daniel co-wrote a bulk of the album with harmony singer Jodi Lyford. He co-produced the project near San Antonio with Grammy-winning Americana and country producer, engineer and steel guitar master Tommy Detamore.

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"I got sober three years ago," Daniel notes in a press release. "Since doing so, music has been my one outlet to pour everything into. Because of that, Jodi and I have been doing everything at an obsessive speed. We started writing a lot of songs and began listening to albums by Doug Sahm and Jim Lauderdale. I loved the production and the vibe, and when I'd look up the credits, I kept seeing the name 'Tommy Detamore.' So I reached out to Tommy, and that set everything in motion for the new album."

Daniel won best Honky Tonk Male at the 2019 Ameripolitan Awards and has shared stages with Jason Boland, Charley Crockett and Shooter Jennings.

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Song Premiere: Jesse Daniel Shares Advice From an Old Friend on 'Bringin' Home the Roses'