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Jersey Mike's Subs has a Few Secret Menu Items to Try

Founded in 1956 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, Jersey Mike's Subs has grown into a huge fast-food chain for handmade sub sandwiches. With over 1,500 locations around the United States, three in Australia and two in Canada, Jersey Mike's is continuing to grow and serve up delicious sandwiches. But did you know a Jersey Mike's Secret Menu exists?

Jersey Mike's Subs are made with high-quality ingredients. From their freshly sliced meats and cheeses to their local produce to their oven-fresh bread, Jersey Mike's aims to serve their customers authentic sub sandwiches. Order your sub sandwich any size- mini, regular, wrap, giant, or tub.

You can also choose to have it served Mike's Way, which is prepared with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, olive oil blend, red wine vinegar, and spices. To add to their menu of hot subs and cold subs, they also have a secret menu you don't want to miss out on.

There's more to this sub-shop than the everyday deli sandwiches filled with roast beef, salami, and veggies.

1. #99-The Big Kahuna Cheese Steak with Chipotle Mayo

This secret menu item is basically a combination of two sub sandwiches on the regular menu. Number 56, Big Kahuna Cheese Steak and number 43, Chipotle Cheese Steak. Packed with grilled steak, grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms, jalapeños, American cheese and spicy chipotle mayo, this sandwich has everything you ever needed.

2. R&R Special

If you're like me and you search to find the best Reuben sandwich in your area, you might want to give this special menu item a try. This sub sandwich has pastrami, corned beef, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing and coleslaw.

So far I've only found a few places in my area that have the best Reuben sandwich, but maybe Jersey Mike's will be on that list, too!

3. The BLT

While a BLT sandwich isn't on the regular menu, you can always try requesting one from Jersey Mike's secret menu. Made with bacon, lettuce and tomato, spice things up with the addition of jalapeños, chipotle mayo, or avocado.