Album Premiere: Jericho Woods' 'One Perfect Sound'


Kentucky-based band Jericho Woods knows a thing or two about staying true to your roots. Founding members Josh Mitcham and Paul Priest opted to stay at their respective family farms in The Bluegrass State rather than move to Music City.

"It's made it harder in some ways, but in the end, being here where we grew up has really shaped what we do," Mitcham said in a press release. "We really want to represent the folks of Kentucky; the people who work in the factories, construction, machine shops, and farmers. The ones who are just trying to carve out a little happiness for their family and themselves. That's how most of the people we know live. They're hard working country folks, and we really feel like this group of people need a voice."

That voice is well-represented on Jericho Woods' new album One Perfect Sound (out on May 3), a rural opus filled with tales of heartbreaks, long nights and the hard road of the music industry.

Opening track "Wrong Things, Right Reasons" is an infectious, '90s country-esque honky-tonker, while album standout "Tennessee" is a barroom weeper about broken dreams and broken hearts.


The title track sums up the trials of struggling musicians "burned by the neon and trapped by the white lines."

"I won't let it go to my head, I'm just lookin' for one perfect sound," the band sings.

"We've made a few records and have often tried to record what we thought other people wanted to hear instead of recording the songs we wanted. This record was us trying to find the sound that defined what we were," Josh Mitcham said in a statement. "We feel like we did a pretty good job of doing that."

Listen to One Perfect Sound below.


One Perfect Sound features John McDaniel (guitar), Smith Curry (steel guitar), Jimmy Mattingly (fiddle), Rami Jaffe (keyboards), Anna Blanton (fiddle), Aaryn Martin (guitar) and Will Johnston (drums).

For more information on Jericho Woods, visit their official website.

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