Jenny Tolman Puts Your Problems Into Perspective in New Video for 'Something to Complain About'

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Nashville native Jenny Tolman is here to put your problems into perspective. The neo-traditional country singer with a smooth southern drawl and quick-witted pen just released her video for single "Something To Complain About."

Tolman released the single in early 2018. In each clever verse, she reminds listeners just how good they likely have it -- even if it doesn't seem like it at the time.

Set in a posh $25 million mansion in Ocean Ridge, Fla., the video follows Tolman as she weaves stories of a celebrity, school teacher and orphaned child. Watch the video below to see just how their stories connect, and how the slightly mischievous Tolman plays a part.

Jenny Tolman tells Wide Open Country both the song and the video draw from real-life inspiration.

"One of the original inspirations for 'Something to Complain About' was a teacher of mine from high school," Tolman says. "I remember her talking to me about how her and her husband had been trying to have a baby for years, and they couldn't get pregnant. So she was talking about how she would hear mothers talk all the time to her about how difficult their children were, how tired they were, etc. And she said to me 'I wish I had something like that to complain about.' And that stuck with me and eventually helped lead to the creation of the song."

Video directors Seth Zaluski and Andrew Colton helped create a cool fictional story from that narrative. "I told that story to Seth and he took it and ran with it," Tolman says.

But that's not the only personal connection in the video. The teacher in the video is also Tolman's sister. And the house? That's also a property her sister and brother-in-law are selling as real estate agents.

And just like the music video ends happily, so too does the story for its muse. "I love how the teacher ends up adopting the little boy in the end," Tolman says. "Because my real life teacher and her husband ended up adopting a beautiful little boy a little over a year ago!"

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Jenny Tolman Puts Your Problems Into Perspective in New Video for 'Something to Complain About'