Lyric Video Premiere: Jenny Tolman's Warm-Hearted 'My Welcome Mat'

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If you believe the world could use a little less judgment and a lot more love and acceptance, Jenny Tolman has the song for you.

"My Welcome Mat," written by Tolman, Dave Brainard and John Goodwin, is an anthem of kindness and a celebration of diversity.

"I got friends that love the pope/ Friends that love their dope,"  Tolman sings. "Guess we're all just trying to find a higher place."

Tolman says the song is about the beauty of getting to know different types of people. In a press release, Tolman said she looked toward a country legend known for her kindness.

"'My Welcome Mat' is a song that celebrates all of the different kinds of people we get to have in our lives. As humans, it's so easy to be judgmental of ourselves, and of others, but I've learned that when you release that need to judge, it attracts all of the colorful characters that make life so exciting to live," Tolman said in a press release. "It was really important to me to ask 'What would Dolly do?,' in the process of writing this song, as I look up to Dolly Parton so much because of her ability to never make one person feel alienated for being different from another."

Tolman says writing the song allowed her to show off her sense of humor.

"Another part of this song that is so fun for me, is that it shows a little bit of my favorite style of writing, which is to say things that make people laugh, right off the bat. Once you make people laugh, they feel comfortable with you and more open to what you're saying," Tolman says. "Plus, I just like to make people smile and ask themselves, 'Did she just say that?!' My hope for listeners would be that it helps us put aside our differences, and focus on the common goal that we all want -- and that, at the end of the day, will always be love."

Watch the lyric video for "My Welcome Mat" below.

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Lyric Video Premiere: Jenny Tolman's Warm-Hearted 'My Welcome Mat'