Jenny Gill Announces Debut EP 'The House Sessions'

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Jenny Gill is the daughter of the country legend Vince Gill, but she has a voice all her own. On Feb. 27, the country singer is set to release her debut EP The House Sessions.

Gill states that the EP will blend a little bit of country, Americana and blues to create her own unique sound. Both of Jenny's parents have been involved in music their entire lives. Her father is a musical legend, selling more than 26 million albums. While her mother, Janis Oliver is one-half of the country duo Sweethearts of the Rodeo.

"People have a preconceived perception of me because of my name, that I am country or that my talent should be at a certain place because of my parents' accomplishments," Gill tells The Boot. "It's hard to get people to notice you on your own and not being a plus-one. So that is what the House Sessions is attempting to do."

Gill worked with high-profile musicians including Sheryl Crow, Willie Weeks, Jon Randall and Jack Pearson. The EP will feature six tracks, five of which were written by Gill herself. "Every song on this project takes me somewhere in my past," she says. "My favorite songs to write are those that reflect personal experiences instead of just telling a story."

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Gill's debut EP The House Sessions is set for release on Feb. 27, 2017. You can preorder the EP now on iTunes.

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Jenny Gill Announces Debut EP 'The House Sessions'