Jennifer Nettles to Haters: ‘You Are All Beautiful’

Jennifer Nettles shows grace when under fire for her bare-faced photo.

If you’ve got an unkind word for Jennifer Nettles, she’s not going to stoop to your level and return it. The Sugarland siren was criticized recently for posting a picture of herself without makeup. Critics and self-appointed social media police tried to shame the blonde stunner for her bravery, so how did she respond? By posting another fresh-faced pic.

“Another scandalous picture of me without makeup in the morning,” Nettles said on her Instagram account. “Apparently some folks who only see me on tv were quite taken aback yesterday. (And some were downright rude, as only social media can allow;-),” she quipped.

Still, the “Stay” singer didn’t join in the smack-talking. Taking the high road instead, she stated:
“You are all beautiful and I’d challenge you all to post your own no make-up pics. Be comfy in your own skin. It’s all we got ladies!”

Nettles doesn’t have much to cover up anyway, her skin is clear and smooth, and her bone structure is absolutely stunning. Cheers to you, Jennifer Nettles, for being beautiful inside and out.

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Jennifer Nettles to Haters: ‘You Are All Beautiful’