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Jennifer Garner's Mom Brought All the Sass to Her Pretend Cooking Show

We've seen Jennifer Garner be thirty, flirty, and thriving in 13 Going On 30, and we've seen her down-to-earth side on her Oklahoma farm. Another side of the Hollywood star is her Pretend Cooking Show, in which she bakes delicious recipes, filming it all from her kitchen. Jennifer Garner's mom, Patricia Ann Garner, sometimes makes a guest appearance, and it makes the show even more hilarious and lovable.

Jennifer Garner's Pretend Cooking Show

Jennifer and her sisters learned how to cook from their mom, Patricia Ann Garner. Even though the Yes Day, Peppermint, and Dallas Buyers Club star has come a long way from her West Virginia hometown, she still appreciates motherly advice in the kitchen.

She's also passing down her love of cooking to her kids, Violet, Seraphina and Samuel, who she has with her ex-husband Ben Affleck. The Texas-born actress and her kids are currently leasing a beautiful mansion in Los Angeles, but she's worked hard to raise down-to-earth kids and says that the three are very helpful in the kitchen.

Jennifer Garner started her Pretend Cooking show with the Barefoot Contessa's Honey White Bread recipe, and since then has made many delectable meals, which can be seen on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Her 83-year-old mom, Pat Garner, gained internet fame when she helped Jen make cornbread in July of last year, a few months into the pandemic.

In the cornbread episode, which went viral on social media and currently has almost 4 million views on Instagram, Jennifer's mom was the hilarious, outspoken, and to-the-point mother we all need in our lives. I giggled throughout the 3-minute clip, from Jennifer Garner using a cat stand for the computer to her mom's sassiness when it came to cornmeal preferences.

Her caption for that video was also the cutest. "I call my mom every time I make cornbread—even though I've written the recipe in every notebook, even though I am sure I could toss it together in my sleep. Maybe watching this will show you why, perhaps, I just like to call my mom."

"A Potluck Favorite"

Garner's mom was back for a blackberry cobbler episode, which was just as entertaining as the cornbread one. This recipe was created by Jennifer's "bonus mom," Mrs. Lantz, and her mom says that it's a "potluck favorite."

The Instagram video starts off with Jennifer announcing what they'll be making, a blackberry cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream. Then, she rinses the berries, while her mom eats one and shrugs at the camera.

Jennifer playfully asks her mom what kind of flour to use, bread flour or cake flour, to which her mother says "I know she's deviling me." They also discuss the need for salt, whether the pan needs to be prepared, and cracking eggs one-handed. All of the mother-daughter duo's interactions are full of Patricia's lovable sass.

Her mom is more supportive than anything, however, saying at one point "You're doing a good job, Jen." At the end of the video, Jennifer Garner eats a bite of her tasty blackberry cobbler with a scoop of ice cream. Jen and her mom are a hilarious pair, and here's to hoping that we can see more of Pat's loving sass in the episodes to come.