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We Should All Handle Rejection as Well as Jennifer Garner

What would you do if Jennifer Garner asked you to try baby food in the aisle of your local Kroger? Cincinnati, Ohio, Kroger supermarket shoppers mostly said "no, thanks," to the actress and founder of the Once Upon a Farm organic baby food company.

Jennifer Garner baby food is not something you expect to see on Kroger shelves. Watching her try to convince people to try baby food samples is something you definitely don't expect, and it didn't go well at first.

Garner visited the store to record an Instagram story promoting the organic, cold-pressed baby food. Customers walk by and Garner tries to get their attention.

When she does, she politely asks if they'd like to try the new baby food.

But customer after customer turns her down.

Garner handles the rejection well and keeps trying (a skill we imagine she honed working in the film and television industry). It's not clear if any of these shoppers knew who they were talking with because we can't imagine anyone saying no to Jennifer Garner, partly because she's so nice and partly because we remember Alias.

Finally, she gets a happy customer, and the little one not only tries the baby food but goes back in for more.

She also convinces a couple of adults to try the baby food and gets thumbs up from each.

And the Kroger employee likes it, too.

Garner, mom to three kids and someone who likes to spend time in the kitchen, knows a thing or two about baby food. As a co-founder of Once Upon a Farm, which began in 2017 and makes fresh food for kids that's non-GMO, she's committed to the company, even if she has to face a little rejection from grocery store shoppers.

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