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Is a Jennifer Aniston and Dolly Parton Duet on the Way?


Jennifer Aniston strongly hinted at a possible collaboration between herself and country legend Dolly Parton on the soundtrack for Dumplin' while appearing on The Ellen Show early this week.

In the upcoming Hollywood film, Friends star Aniston plays the part of a former pageant queen with a plus size daughter named Willowdean (played by Danielle Macdonald) who signs up to participate in the local beauty pageant as an act of rebellion and protest. The coming of age story is set to the backdrop of Dolly Parton's music, who inspires Willowdean to be herself and spark a change in her small Texas town.

When Aniston sat down with Ellen Degeneres for an interview to chat about the new movie, she explained that her (possible) collab with Parton started out as a joke Aniston made at a stimulating five-hour dinner at Aniston's house with the Dumplin' music supervisor and Parton herself.


"Then, literally last week we got this email from Sony that was the schedule for the recordings and there's 'Jen and Dolly 12- 1:30 on Tuesday' and I was like, 'This has got to be a joke, I'm not singing with Dolly Parton on an album that's gonna be heard by hopefully millions of people,' you know what I mean? So I'm still up in the air of whether or not I should do it," Aniston said, met with cheers from the audience.

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She coyly never confirmed nor denied the collaboration in the upcoming movie, leaving everyone curious as to where the fated recording led. But as Ellen said, "Well you can't turn her [Dolly] down!"

Dumplin', based on the best selling book by Julie Murphy, doesn't have a set release date, yet, but it's rumored to hit theaters later this year.


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