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Jenna Bush Hager Met Her Husband While He Worked For Her Father's Presidential Campaign

Jenna Bush Hager has worn a lot of hats over the years. She's been the granddaughter of President George H.W. Bush, First Daughter, and even co-host on The Today Show. She's also the author of the New York Times bestselling books Everything Beautiful in Its Time and Ana's Story as well as children's books Our Great Big Backyard and Read All About It. She even wrote Sisters First with her twin sister. From growing up in Texas, to the White House, to national television, Jenna has led quite an interesting life. But throughout her professional life, she's had one person by her side the entire time, and no, not her twin sister Barbara. She's been happily married to Henry Hager since 2008.

Jenna first met her future husband back in 2004. After graduating from the University of Texas, she was a teacher at Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School in Washington D.C. Henry, a student at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business, was working for her father, George W. Bush, on his presidential reelection campaign. Henry had a girlfriend at the time but after meeting at campaign headquarters, a mutual friend invited him to Jenna's to watch a football game with friends. Things moved pretty quickly after that and as Henry's friend Adam Piper told PEOPLE, by Inauguration Day, they were officially dating.

They were inseparable pretty much immediately and Jenna knew that he was the one. In fact, she told her Today Show co-anchor Hoda Kotb that she actually proposed after a few months of dating.

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"I might've had a Christmas cocktail — and we were dancing, and I said, 'This is it, I know it, let's just get married, what are we waiting for?' He smiled, and he was like, 'I'm crazy about you, but you're young.'"

After a couple more years of dating, Henry proposed in 2007 (after asking the President's permission of course) and they tied the knot the following year at the Bush family's Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford, Texas. Following the ceremony, President George W. Bush commented on the marriage in a press conference — "Our little girl, Jenna, married a really good guy."

Over the years, the couple has welcomed three children together — Margaret Laura "Mila" Hager (Laura after Jenna's mother, former First Lady Laura Bush), Poppy Louise, and Henry Harold "Hal."

After years of marriage, the couple is open about how much they love each other. Jenna adorably raved about her husband in a Valentine's Day segment of Hoda & Jenna. 

"Your love is like the Post-it note with stick figure drawings of ships passing you left for me on the bathroom mirror when I returned home late. I'd been flying most of the day and I was dehydrated, and thirsty for home, for you," she said. "Your love is like that note. It is simple and solid and thoughtful."

These days the family lives in Long Island's North Shore, an area outside of New York City that reminded them of their southern upbringing.

"There was something about it that reminded me of Texas, of being outside. Even this close to the city, there was a remoteness to it," Jenna told Veranda. "There's something magnificent about sitting under there with your friends and kids watching the rain. You're outdoors and you're barefoot. It's how Henry and I grew up, and it's what we want for our children."

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